Income Growth

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MYI manages various agriculture development projects such as crop distribution, farming technique training,
seed/fertilizer loan business in Malawi and Rwanda, whose main source of income is from agriculture.

What we do

  • maize, bean, and regional products
  • Projects to increase farmers’ income such as farming technique training, demonstration farm, and crop diversification.
  • Seed/fertilizer loan business project
  • Support agricultural cooperatives and social enterprises
  • Food support
  • Operate milling stations


MYI is running the Microcredit program (small loan) in southern region of Vietnam, Vinh Long province, for those who are excluded from modern financial system by lending seed money so that they can improve their own livelihood. Furthermore, MYI provides basic economy classes to recipients and microcredit management education to public officers. Additionally, MYI helps improving market conditions and its equipment. MYI is performing all of these tasks so that the region can achieve sustainable development. Finally, to support self-sufficiency of low-income farmers, MYI provides a cattle loan program.

What we do

  • Microcredit program for small business owners
  • Basic economy classes
  • Microcredit management education for regional public officers to enhance their capability
  • Regional market infrastructure construction and maintenance
  • Cattle loan program for small-scale farmers.