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MYI respects people and organizations who share our value with the spirit of cooperation and coordination.


사무국 -
해외사업팀 02 - 2038 - 8127
모금홍보팀 02 - 2038 - 8512
경영지원팀 02 - 3789 - 9508

Board of Directors

Oh, Dae-Sik Chairman of the board MYI Chairman of the board / Head pastor of God’s Will Deokso Church
Kang, Heung-kyu director Bestro Chairman of the board
Yoo, Jeong director Samhasa Chairman
Kim, Sung-kyu director Executive director of Shinhan Diamond
Lee, Seok-Jae director Head of Nooga Internal and surgery co-clinic
Choi, Dong-Wook director Chairman of Goods corporation
Yoo, Seong-Yeol director CEO of Mezzanine I-pack
Jeong, Hyun-Ryang director Former vice president of Samsung Electronics
Oh, Myung-Joon director Head pastor of Saehanuel Chungdam Church
Park, Jong-Woon auditor Lawyer of law firm Hamin
Kim, Yong-Yeol auditor Head tax accountant of tax firm STC


Kim, Boo-Yeol Associate Professor, Graduate School of Environment Studies in Seould National University, former professor of KDI school of Public Policy and Management, Ph D in Development at Columbia University