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MYI awaits corporate partners to build social value together

Merry Year International is a Non-Governmental Organization under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea

MYI has supported self-reliance of those who are vulnerable since 2011 as part of UN Millennium Village Project (MVP). MYI keeps its transparency through annual audits, and has earned Crown, meaning the highest evaluation of transparency from Guide Star Korea in 2020.

How to start CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) with MYI

-Project donation: MYI constructs project that suits the company and donate cash to the project
-Matching grant : corporate matches the amount donated by the employees and sponsor
-Online campaign : MYI conducts campaign towards customers and employees through various online channel
-Volunteer : corporate personnel participates in volunteer activities in our workplace
-Goods sponsorship : goods sponsored by corporates are used in annual charity auction “Love Loudness.”


- Consultation : MYI discusses about company’s CSR policies and find ways to cooperate
- Planning : plans and propose projects under mutual consent
- Practice : decide the project and after agreement procedures, implement actual project on the field
- Evaluation : frequently share project progress, evaluate the project and report the result

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