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“Support a head of household to restore the family.”

MYI aids in most practical ways for the poor to cut off the chain of poverty.

Make a one-time donation to give better life for the people in need.

For those who use foreign accounts, only one-time donation can be made through paypal.
If you want to make a donation to a specific category of our projects, please give us email and then we’ll reach you.


Give opportunities for economic independence through residents-centric systematic projects

- Microcredit
- Cattle loan program


Support poor farmers who are in lack of techniques and infrastructures.

- Crop distribution project
- Lending farming tools
- Farming technique training
- Food support


Support children in Malawi through scholarship, improving infrastructures, and various school programs.


Support Merry Year Health Clinic in Malawi to provide anti-Malaria drugs and various programs to fight against Malaria.